Water Damaged Device

Ever had that sinking feeling?... you just dropped your precious Phone, Tablet down the toilet or spilt tea or coffee over your beloved laptop. There is a solution and you must act quickly.

First lets dispel the myths

Putting the device in a bowl of rice, yes this will actually dry the device out as the rice will absorb the moisture, however rice is full of starch which when dry becomes a powdery residue which will find its way into the device damaging the delicate components. The practice of submerging a device into rice may initially appear to have worked however in most cases this is just prolong the inevitable the device will eventually malfunction due to corrosion. The same can be said of placing the device on a radiator or using a hairdryer, once water enters the device the corrosion process has already started.

There is a solution but you need to act quickly, call us asap we can then strip the device and clean with the correct chemicals and neutralise the corrosion process. if you cannot contact us immediately shake the device to remove as much liquid as possible DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SWITCH THE DEVICE ON! then contact us at the first opportunity.

Never use Rice