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10 ways

We all love and depend on our smart devices in this day and age. We take them with us everywhere, unfortunately exposing it to many perilous situations. The average Phone  is destroyed or damaged in just ten weeks after its purchase according to a recent survey.  We have had a customer with a broken iPad Pro, which he dropped and smashed the screen as he was removing it from its packaging,  poor guy he hadn't even had chance to switch it on. Here are the 10 most common ways people break their smart devices:

  1. Dropped: The most common method mobile phones get destroyed is by being dropped. Whether in a rush, juggling too many objects at the same time or simply a case of butter-fingers, thousands of devices have been dropped. Dropped devices can suffer from a variety of issues including a cracked screen, broken back glass, etc. .
  2. Thrown: Whether by accident, or in spite, Phones getting thrown is not an uncommon occurrence. Screens shatter the moment the Phone hits the wall or floor. Only yesterday we had a customer who threw his Huawei Mate p20 pro across the room after an angry exchange on the phone. 
  3. Crushed: Sat on, stepped on or shoved into a packed purse or backpack: another common way people have broken their phone is by crushing it. 
  4. Pocket: The small size of Phones make them convenient for placing in a pocket. However, this can go very wrong when their owner bends over, squats or jumps. Falling from a pocket account for many broken Phone, plus this is the most common method for your phone taking a dive into the loo, yuk....
  5. Liquids: Any Phone device that is not a water proof device runs the risk of water damage. Whether it is a spilled drink or a plunge into the pool, water damage accounts for several destroyed iPhone devices. 
  6. Children: Phones  make a great handheld source of entertainment for young and old alike. However, Phones require gentle care, something that may not happen in the hands of a child. We've dedicated a spot for children on our list because leaving an iPhone device in the hands of a child may mean a combination of any of the other points: dropping, throwing, etc.
  7. Bad Phone Case: Some Phone users think they have protected their phone by putting a case on it. However, putting the wrong phone case on your Phone could mean destroying it. Some try to force an old case built for a different model on their phone, breaking the camera or crushing the edges of the phone. Even a soft case can cause destruction over a long period of time. Others don't invest in a good case. Not every case can properly protect Phones from dropping, throwing or other common means of destruction. 
  8. Bathroom Use: Whether dropped into a tub or sink, or a pocket dive into the toilet, many iPhone devices are destroyed in the bathroom. Liquid damage strikes again in this example, and seems to happen most often in the bathroom. Leaving a Phone in a "dry" spot in the bathroom while taking a bath could even mean destruction. The steam and humidity emitted from a hot bath can cause water-damage and destroy your Phone over time.
  9. Car: Many Phone users have actually run over their beloved device. When looking for keys in a rush, it's easy to become distracted and either place the phone on the roof or bonnet of the car, or unknowingly drop it. This, followed by driving off, leads to a run-over Phone .
  10. Pets: Similar to children, pets don't understand the value or fragility of a Phone, and can easily destroy it by playing with it, chewing it, peeing on it or crushing it.