Facts And Myths

water damage

We at Tech Guys 360 Ltd thought it was about time we put the truth out there with regards to water damaged smartphones and dispel the myths. We’ve all heard the stories, dropped my phone down the toilet (yuk), I fell in the swimming pool oh my god my life was on that phone, well firstly you should have backed it up regularly, fortunately there’s always an expert on hand, I tried this and that!! It worked for me. Little do they know, it didn’t. 
When we put a phone in rice, it is the same thing as doing nothing. It just FEELS like we're actively trying something. Corrosion is instant when a phone hits water. Sometimes the corrosion hits important components, sometimes not. If we resist turning the phone on until it dries, in the rice bag, or anywhere else, sometimes we get lucky. If we had the phone in the rice bag, we think the rice saved the phone. But it didn't! Even if the phone seems to be working, it will have oxidized solder joints that are weakened and brittle. Corrosion will continue to spread inside the phone. We have done nothing but experienced temporary luck.

The real secret to water damage do not dry it!

What you want to do is first ignore the old wives tales of rice, hair dryer and radiator.

You'd be hard pressed to find any experienced professional in the repair industry that doesn't roll their eyes when they hear the word "rice." We see the sad result of phones/devices that have been carefully placed in the Uncle Ben's bag with fingers crossed.

To all repair professionals out there: please join in sharing some pictures of what a phone/device really looks like inside when we open it up after its romp in the rice. A picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe it will help show people the reality of the role of rice in water damage. 
Best you can do is call us immediately and we’ll do our upmost to get your device up and running again. Do bear in mind though it will last longer than the rice trick or any other trick unfortunately your precious smartphones days are numbered.