best phones
The simple answer to that question is Apple, I can now hear all the android fans screaming the guy has lost the plot.... I will try to explain but I must state this are my own views for which I have no connection to Apple in any way. First Samsung are always ahead when it comes to the latest phone technology i.e. Dual lens camera, wireless charging and waterproof devices, Apple in most cases follow suit normally 12-18 months later when all the issues have been eradicated basically they let others make the mistakes then they perfect it in their own devices. With android being open source you potentially can install anything on the device, some will say that’s an advantage however that’s where problems start with virus, malware and the dreaded ransomware with Apple’s iOS it’s locked down and only authorized apps can be downloaded to their devices through their App Store there are literally thousands of apps to chose from, if you looking for an app that isn’t in the App Store then it’s probably not worth having. Due to this approach Apple devices just work! You can however jailbreak your Apple device which would enable you to do pretty much any thing you like as with android but you are then open to other issues as mentioned earlier Plus you are no longer covered by Apples warranty, then there’s the cost of repairs should you ever need it we’ll concentrate on the big two players Apple and Samsung let’s look at the most common repair out there! Broken screen
Samsung Galaxy S8 £310
Apple iPhone 8 £105
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge £298